Competitive Home Inspection Prices

How Much Do Our Home Inspections Cost?

Picking an inspector based solely on price is a risky proposition.

Some of our competitors chase the market.  If they’re not busy, they’ll lower the inspection price.  If they’re less experienced, maybe it’s important to be the cheapest.  Or maybe if they jostle their schedule around a bit, they can “fit” an extra inspection into their day.  At ValueGuard, we don’t chase the market.  And surprise, while we’re rarely the least expensive, we strive to be competitive.  After all, you probably didn’t choose your home on price alone.

Home Inspections Prices Include:

Structure, Roof, Exterior, Electrical, Heating, Cooling, Insulation/Ventilation, Plumbing & Interior

Additional Fees
As applicable, the home features below will add to the home inspection price:

  • Age of home:  over 50 years: +$30
  • Roof height:  3-story: +$30; roof deck +$30
  • Detached garage:  +$30

City Condo or Apartment-Style (Flat) Inspection Prices*

These inspections costs include electrical, heating, cooling, insulation/ventilation, plumbing & interior

Studio – 2 bedrooms, up to 1000 SFT          $359
1 – 2 bedrooms, up to 1500 SFT                      $379
1 – 3 bedrooms, up to 2000 SFT                      $399

Condo larger than 2000 SFT Call for price

*Apartment-style condominium inspection prices are priced lower because the exterior, roof and common areas are typically the responsibility of the condominium – homeowners association and therefore not included in the inspection. Please note that condominium and townhome inspections that include inspection of the exterior, roof, basement AND/OR garage are priced at the single-family / townhome price levels.

ValueGuard Certified Radon Testing Service

ValueGuard Pennsylvania DEP Certified radon technicians have performed over 20,000 local radon detection tests.

  • Radon Pricing InformationTamper-resistant, continuous rate electronic monitor
  • Convenient 48-hour test
  • Accurate, certified report

Tamper Resistant Radon Test: $195
Package discount: $170 with home inspection (save $25!)

Learn more about Radon Tests here

ValueGuard Additional Inspection Services:

  • Termite – Wood Destroying Insect Inspection: $90 – scheduled with home inspection
    (performed by Boro Exterminating Co. Inc. or Thur-o Pest Management LLC)
  • Follow-up Inspection: $200

ValueGuard Multi-Family Building Inspections:

  • Multi-unit (duplex, triplex, quad) building inspection: starting at $450; call for quote

ValueGuard Commercial Building Inspections:

  • Commercial Inspections: Call for quote

Experts recommend against choosing an inspection company based on price alone!

A “low price” inspector may charge less because he needs the business (inexperienced) or because he takes less time per inspection (takes shortcuts) and can do more inspections per day. Choose wisely and consider more than price.

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