Are All Home Inspection Reports the Same?

No. Some large inspection companies provide a simple checklist report with responses such as “Good, Poor and Unsatisfactory.”  These checklist reports may be included in an  impressive binder with lots of pages — but unfortunately much of it is generic information unrelated to the property inspected.  You should select a company that provides a comprehensive, narrative-style inspection report with digital color photographs of problem areas.

You deserve more than just another home inspector.

Our home inspectors utilize the best inspection report software. We know, because we developed it with our clients in mind.  The result is a clear, easy-to-understand, narrative style report (not a simple checklist) and chock full of photos — our exclusive reports provide you with the best understanding of the condition of your new home.

At ValueGuard we believe our inspection reports speak for themselves!  To view a sample inspection report, click on one of the sample reports below.

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