What Does the Home Inspector Inspect?

Philadelphia Home Inspection

ValueGuard home inspections include:  Structural Components • Roofing • Exterior • Electrical • Heating • Cooling/Heat Pumps • Insulation/Ventilation • Plumbing • Interior Components

What do you inspect?

Starting at the exterior of the property, the ValueGuard home inspector will visually inspect the roof, flashing, chimneys, gutters, and downspouts. The inspector will then inspect the siding, trim, windows, doors, decks, walkways and driveways. Drainage issues, retaining walls and patios will be inspected as to any negative impact that they may pose on the building.

After the ValueGuard home inspector has completed his survey of the exterior he will inspect the visible framing members in the attic and basement for signs of structural defects and prior repairs. electrical panel inspection

The inspector will also visually inspect the electrical system, the heating and cooling systems, the plumbing, insulation, and major appliances. While these areas are being observed the inspector will note any material defects in the interior components of the home.

The home inspector will explain how the various systems of the home operate and give you information on how to maintain the home. It is a good idea to bring a pad of paper and any questions that you may have to the inspection so the inspector can address your concerns during the inspection. And yes, we encourage questions!

What type of report is provided after your home inspection?

ValueGuard home inspections are followed up by a comprehensive written report that itemizes all of the information gathered at the time of inspection. Your inspection report will highlight the Major Concerns, Safety Issues, Repair Items and Items to Monitor and includes color photos of areas of concern. Your home inspection report is emailed to you, and if requested to your real estate agent.

ValueGuard tamper-resistant Radon Testing services

Our state certified radon technicians perform 48-hour, home radon testing utilizing continuous rate, electronic radon monitors.  Our radon monitors are tamper-resistant and provide a reliable, detailed hour-by-hour report of the radon concentration in your home.  For more information on our radon testing, see additional FAQs below.

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