Joe McGinley

Pennsylvania DEP Certified Radon Technician

mcginleySenior Radon Technician
PA DEP listed Testing Firm Employee
PA DEP# 8331




Joe is our senior radon technician. He is a Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Certified radon technician. Over the past 12 years, Joe has performed thousands of ValueGuard radon detection tests in homes throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania, including Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County and Buck County and the City of Philadelphia.

Joe’s radon measurement instrument of choice is the FDA recommended tamper-resistant, electronic Continuous Rate Monitor (CRM) from RADALINK. Accurate, detailed results are downloaded within hours of completing the 48 hour test period.

When he’s not conducting radon tests, Joe enjoys coaching his son’s soccer team. Joe and his wife are also the proud parents of a new baby boy.

Client Testimonials for Joe McGinley and ValueGuard Radon Testing Services

The radon guy, Joe, also arrived on time.  He and Cory were both wearing ValueGuard shirts.  Joe went to the basement to place the radon test, explained that it would need to sit for 2 days, and then I’m assuming he came back and read the test after 2 days.  We received the radon report right on time.  The report was pretty cool, with lots of graphs and information.

The entire experience was really phenomenal.  I don’t consider myself easy to impress.  These guys were excellent on all levels.

The radon test was state of the art (not the cans that need to get shipped out to the lab) and was installed two days before my home/termite inspection. This was great because I was able to get the two verbal reports (home & termite) and was later emailed the full radon report the actual day of inspection.

Joe was very professional and set up the radon test quickly.  Brad was very personable and walked through every inch of the outside and inside of the house explaining things as we went.  This was very helpful as it was an 80+ year old house and we are first time home buyers.  We left having learned a lot and received a very thorough report the following day.  The best part about this was the appointment turnaround and responsiveness.  We wanted to schedule it quickly as the Christmas holiday was upcoming and everything was handled wonderfully.

He was early by half an hour. He called to see if it was OK. Quickly placed the equipment and left. Came back on time to take equipment. Sent the data via his phone and received the report an hour later. They even offered suggestions of radon remediation.